Matt McCue Founder / Strength and Conditioning Coach

As a professional coach with more than 20 years of experience, Matt has helped people of all ages improve their fitness levels and health. His personal history and experiences have informed his firm belief in the power of exercise, which has helped him overcome a number of life challenges. Throughout his career, Matt has helped his clients push past their limits to reach their goals, while also finding the fun in exercise.

Most recently, Matt worked as the strength and conditioning coach for the men’s hockey team at Northeastern University, where he implemented workouts for in-season and off-season strength and conditioning programs. He has helped student athletes develop the skills to play at the professional level, and has worked with numerous Olympic sports athletes, including men’s and women’s soccer, women’s basketball, and the swimming and diving teams. In addition to running Flipside Fitness, Matt works part-time as the strength and conditioning coach at Milton Academy. Prior to coaching and training, Matt served in the United States Marine Corps.